Business Value Assessment

A BVA engagement typically takes 2-3 weeks to complete. Our business analysts start by conducting interviews on-site or via telephone with your key stakeholders.  We then document and analyze the results and ultimately make technology recommendations to fit your business strategy and your immediate & future needs. 

In a meeting, we will review the document and recommendations together, and jointly agree on the formulas and metrics that define the business case and 3 year ROI.  Subsequently, we can either present it to your executive team together or you can decide to do this without us.


  • Provide a business case that can be taken to your executive team to justify your investment.
  • Demonstrate the business value.
  • Demonstrate the impact and benefits of these capabilities vs. doing nothing.
  • Provide an technology strategy that can easily scale as your business grows.


  • Conduct interviews with key personnel & stakeholders
  • Understand the current environment, business goals and key strengths – people, process, technology
  • Define current issues and problems
  • Map quantitative & qualitative benefits to your business goals
  • Illustrate investment required over 3 years, ROI and payback period

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